Default Any Help Will Be Much Appreciated About Kernel

Hello Amazing Amaze Owners.
I just flashed Faux123 kernel. And after flashing, screen brightness was unusual. Well, I may go with that.
Kernel definitely let me overclock, but I couldn't Undervolt my Amaze. I opened SetCpu and there is no voltage option. I read somewhere that if kernel supports undervolting, it will be there. I'm sure faux kernel supports undervolting, but no such option in SetCpu.
I there a problem with SetCpu or with kernel?!
And I know kernel is about preference, but I want your opinions about kernels. Which kernels are better and why?
Thanks In Advance.
HTC Amaze 4G (HTC Ruby)
Unlocked - Rooted - S-OFF - Super CID
ROM : SpeedRom 8.0
HBOOT : 1.93.2222
Kernel : Stock
Recovery : 4EXT
Android : Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.4)
Sense : 3.6