Wink Another interesting find for the mad catz m.o.j.o

I found something new for the mad catz m.o.j.o messing around with an app called "hidden menus",it doesn't have a lot on there in terms of tweaks and menus to open per say,but interestingly is an option for lte ram dump on/off and it can be toggled on or off,has anyone got any idea what that is? For this click on testing,then on device information then scroll down to lte ram dum on/off to toggle,there are also battery temp and usage stating 8.0 celcius and up time on AC.Maybe there are other varied options there others can utilize or tinker with if any actualy do what they state they do?

Hopefully ram dump allows the dump of the firmware over adb or something like that,but i think lte is a data connection type or something to that effect?

I am not a developer so i will switch it off for now,but i would like to know any finds in this software can someone take a look please on my behalf provided they understand it,thanks in advance

Just found if you add test menu application and ex dialer app and you open test menu it gives a number to dial that brings up the test section found in hidden menus way quicker i added the address as a email address when asked in first run of test menu after install.