Cool [Q] Auto Brigthness vs. AOSP vs. Manual Brightness vs. Lux Brightness

So, I spend a lot of time in direct sunlight with my phones. The S4 was unusable. The Note 3 in the current configuration I have it in, is *just barely* tolerable.

I know that if I am on stock TouchWiz, then the "auto brightness" setting will net me the highest NITS (brightness) values. If I go to manual brightness and set it to 100% bright, it still will not be *as bright* as if I were on Auto Brightness.

So being a hater of stock Auto Brightness, I wanted to try out Lux Brightness but then I read somewhere that this app even when set to Auto, will only get you the same peak brightness that the "Manual Brightness" gets you. It cannot get the peak NITS that TouchWiz Auto Brightness offers?

I also read somewhere that CyanogenMOD based AOSP ROM's are hacked to allow you the highest possible NITS that TouchWiz Auto Brightness offers.

Neither source of info for the above two paragraphs were solid though. Can anyone help shed some light (no pun) for me on this subject?
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