Default NTFS Read/Write DOES work

Just for the heck of it I tried the Paragon NTFS/HFS download in the Play Store today to see if NTFS read/write would work. The app needs root, and of course we thankfully have that. I had a Seagate USB 3.0 drive formatted NTFS and connected it. Since Android auto mounts on the Mojo, it auto mounted as NTFS read only. I had to unmount it, and then re-mount it with the Paragon app and choose an alternate mount point (just created a folder called "NTFS" and mounted it) and I can confirm that I can read and write to the drive. Moving files, deleting files, and copying files all worked just fine. Just a heads up. I am sure there will be a better, more translucent way of doing this down the road, but for now there does exist the possibility. I wonder if anyone knows how to stop Android from auto mounting drives when plugged in?