Unhappy How to build Samsung Flipfont apk in eclipse ?

Hi, i have problems to build a font apk in my Samsung S4.

i have setuped my font project in eclipse. But after i build it in my phone, and select my font( Settings -> Display -> Font Style ),
it alert error : " This font is not supported.Contact the font provider. Uninstall this font?".

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yet, i have set the apk packname to "com.monotype.android.font.mysamsungfont",
and placed the mysamsungfont.ttf mysamsungfont.xml file properly in assets/,
and i have sign my keystore.
( i tried to sign so call testkey.pk8 testkey.x509.pem to my apk, but it alert the same error )

do i have to sign a special key store to my font apk??
(PS: i can use iFont to force to select my font.apk in Root mode, but i cant select the font in settings... )
But i don't want to use it in Root mode.

Help me, pls...