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SORRY I'm new, so I'm not allowed to post images or links

Hello everybody, as I looked for a nice King's Cup Application when I was on a Party, I noticed that there are only old ones. So I decided to develop my own King's Cup App. You will have a lot of fun.

If you have ideas for new card events, please post it here

Kingston - Kingscup DrinkingGame

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Google PlayStore: Kingston Kingscup DrinkingGame

I wanted to make a nice looking App, with a nice animation but without many extra functions.
King's Cup should be the main feature. :P

To make specific cards there are 3 "modes"

You touch the card backsite and it flips via flipanimation to the card you drew.

There are funny events like CATEGORY, RULES, THUMBMASTER and more.
There are 4 cards for each event in the card deck.
When you touch the questionmark there is a short description.

To get the next card you just swipe left

Google PlayStore: Kingston Kingscup DrinkingGame

It would be nice when you give me same feedback and tell me if you like my App or not