Default [Q] How do i access files from Root Explorer on my Laptop?

Hey everyone @crpalmer tagged you in case you could help

I am running Jrummy's Root explorer on the phone searching for some pictures on Dropbox.
I FINALLY found them in the /Mnt/sdcard/Android/data/... but i can't figure out where to copy and paste these imgs to so that my computer can 'see' them.
When i plug the tablet into the computer all that comes up is Internal Storage with 9 GB available and inside that i have only bare files like Alarms Android etc. But NONE of the folders have any of the phones files.
Basically i can't see anything on my tablet through my computer.
I tried pasting the file on System/root but the computer still doesn't show it!


UPDATE: i managed to stick a TINY 1 mb sd i had laying around and that changes things to where my i could copy things to the sd card and the computer sees that, but now the issue is the .jpg won't open correctly as they are too large or corrupted

wondering if this is a permissions issue
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