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i keep reading other threads and posts about why people aren't happy with their M8..........i for one am extremely happy with mine in fact i have not been happier with a phone since i got an 02 xda exec (who remembers them)

i don't care if my screen may look a bit yellower than someone else's i am not one to compare things anyway i can see everything i want on the screen i have and can do everything from reading my books surfing the web play games and do work happy

my battery lasts all day the way i use my phone ...i don't need 140hours of use and 28 days standby .......

i don't care if my grey is lighter or darker than anyone else' happy with the colour i have

my build quality seems fine ....nothing coming off or rattling happy

I'm happy with sense don't need a gpe

i don't need a mega mega pixel camera i have a nikon d600 for that ....the camera is fine for what i would ever need it for u want more megapixels either buy a dslr or a nokia or sony

i have had a shed load of phones through the years and all of them bought because i wanted them regardless of looks style peer pressure or sales patter i make a decision and go buy it then use it as it was intended to be used ....but what i don't do is gripe gripe gripe .....far to many people nit pick and to a certain extent may well put others off buying that model i bet that for every one person on this forum that has a problem/gripe/nitpick there are 100`s that love it but you rarely hear from them

as a side note my phone was bought from cex in the uk along with a s5 for my son and he loves his as much as i love mine so it really is horses for courses.......of course mines better coz i can and have, unlocked boot loader, rooted, s-offed, changed cid/mid, sim unlocked and flashed ARHD and he can't !!!!
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