Default HELP! Whatsapp Chat Notification Numbers - Annoying Problem

Hi All,

I知 having a problem on Whatsapp and apparently according to support, I知 the only having this problem..

Here it is

I get notification of new comment in a group, but when I go in, it doesn't show the number signifying unread comments (in green) next to the group name, within the group list.. It's as though I've already read it.... but I haven't.. And there is actually a new comment/s. At the same time,, other groups or single chats are showing the number as they should.

I have had a backwards and forwards discussion with Whatsapp support, sending them the required 斗ogs, but in the end they told me to go to my phone company providing he below reason...

Thanks for your message. Chat message notifications should not disappear unless another application or the device read it and cleared it. I was not able to duplicate the issue or find any errors within your WhatsApp which may point to the issue. Therefore it is most likely caused by an application installed on your device or the device itself. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Here痴 what I have tried to do to fix this problem
  • Uninstall/reinstall (standard)
  • Uninstall/reinstall (without backup/history)
  • Backup only the database on PC > Uninstall > Clean any residual files using 鼎lean Master > Reinstall

Still happening.. It痴 not any one particular group, and it doesn稚 happen all the time, but it痴 VERY annoying.

If they are right and it痴 an app conflicting with it, which type of an app could be, so I know what I知 looking for?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.