Default Windows 8.1 & MTP copying issue

I have a LG G2 D802 a I have a problem with copying music files to my device. On my device's storage there is a file directory named "Music". Inside it there are two files: "file A.flac", "fileB.flac". On my computer I have the same directory "Music" but with more music, lets say: "file A.flac", "fileB.flac" and "fileC.flac". Now I select all files from "Music" on my computer, press copy, finally press paste inside "Music" on my smartphone. Now windows asks me If I want to replace the file(s) which are already present in the dectination directory. I choose "Don't copy" with option "Do this for all conflicts" and here is the problem.... after that windows doesn't copy "fileC.flac" which should be copied. Any ideas?

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