Question [Q] Problem with Boot Animation (freeze-Brick) ZTE v967s

Hello everyone.

My phone is ZTE V967s with Etotalk rom

I didn't know anything about flashing, custom rom, unlockin etc, full novice. Everything started out when I wanted to change the boot animation of ZTE which was some Chinese writing and a very loud music. I downloaded from google play rom toolbox lite, and I changed the boot animation with something I picked up there. Nothing else.

My device was rooted so I thought the boot logo is ok but it wasnt. After resetting the device, the boot logo freezes it is stuck, although everything in the background is fine.

What I did to recover, (Read a lot in xda forum and learn about flashing, rom etc):

1. Boot to recovery mode. The device has some CWM in Chinese but I managed to translate (
I did:
- (4) Wipe data / factory reset
- (5) Wipe Cache
- (6) Backup and restore (of course no back up recovery solution)

2. Tried removing the battery and restart phone

The phone has the same freezing boot animation.

I have not checked development options in my phone therefore when I plug my phone in the USB port I have nothing in my pc, cant see the mounted device drive or sd card.

What I think the solution may be is:
1. Find the Etotalk rom, or any other compatible rom like Max Flavour or MIUI rom and flash.
2. Since I can't copy to the device it would be possible to use side load to do this.

My questions are how ?

1. How to install the ROM with side load?
1.1 should I format everything before side load like
(7.7) Format /sdcard
(7.8) Format /system
(7.9) Format /cache
(7.10) Format /data
(7.11) Format /cust
(7.12) Format /external_sd

2. What do I need to install in the PC ? And how it is done through the PC?

3. Or is there any other fix rather than flashing a new rom? The device is working fine except the freezing boot animation?

I know I am a novice, and I know I messed my self with this thing but please help me, what are the steps I need to follow?

Thanks everyone that is reading this.