Thumbs up tech armor ultraclear ballistic glass

i got the tech armor ultraclear ballistic glass and have to say this is a pretty nice investment. It's $20 (at most) from amazon:

Its crystal clear, easy to put on, and so far seems to be pretty rock solid. i havent thrown it down a gravel road or anything, but i am pretty impressed by how clear it is, how smooth it feels, and the time it took to install, which was about 5 minutes, followed by smoothing out one 'line' across the middle that looked like a crease or something the next morning, but went away by pushing it with my finger.

also have no fingerprints or 'smudge' on the phone after using it.

nice little bonus i haven't seen with most screen protectors was the 'dust removal tape'.

5 out of 5 stars for this product.