Default [Q] Help, stuck on TWRP

Hello people
Did my note 3 rooted with cf autoroot and then flasched TWRP because cwm-recover problems with the recognition of the backups
After the flash, everything first funktion properly. TWRP 2.7x and kittekat.

Somehow if I then creating a backup in recovery mode, anything goes wrong.
Now i got :

"Running open recovery script" "
"updating partition details ..."
"Full selinux support is present"
"Simulating actions .."
The whole is accompanied by a loading bar that is about80%.

All experiments with vol down power etz. lead do nothing, it boots directly back into the recovery, which is directly in this partition testing.
How do I get out into the download mode or in boot mode?
please help.
sorry it was googles english