Question [Q] C Spire 4.4.2 OTA Capture

I have a HTC One (M7WLS) with C Spire Wireless. I am being prompted to download the 4.4.2 OTA and have some questions. I would like to capture this OTA so that I can distribute it among other C Spire users for development, etc. Currently there are no files, OTA's or RUU's available for my carrier, so you can understand why I need this. I reverted my phone back to stock so that I could get the OTA, stock recovery (actually from Sprint), un-rooted, re-locked bootloader and on stock 4.3 ROM. Do I need to re-root the phone first so that I can pull the OTA later? Do I need to download the OTA and then root? or do I need to install the OTA and then worry about rooting and unlocking later? I have never captured an OTA before on a HTC device. I have not downloaded the OTA yet because it is requiring a wifi connection. Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated.
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