Default [Q] Wifi Settings - How to manually set IP, Subnet, DNS?

Hi all,

Received my TS 1/8 2100 recently, after getting exhausted from reading most of the forum posts to better understand the pros and cons of the TS. I currently have mixed feelings about the watch, I will leave that for another day.

My question is, for the life of me, I cannot find the option to manually set a static IP address once you've connected to Wifi?

Reason why I ask is, I have a wifi connection here at work which is not DHCP enabled, so one will have to manually set the IP, Subnet and DNS entry. Why no DHCP you ask? lets just say I tacked on a wifi router to an existing internet connection which is not part of my company.
I use this to test things outside of the network, I currently have my phone connected which works a treat and it's pretty quick.

Trying to get this set up on the TS, I can find the modify options but no options to manually set the IP, Subnet and DNS, other android devices you can but not the TS.

I have not searched for other alternative app in the Play store to do just this.

Model: 1/8 2100
Firmware: Omate_TrueSmar_20140328.182336_V2.0 (stock firmware straight out of the box)
Mods: Rooted