Battery Low [APP][SOS Launcher]Maximize battery backup even when its running low.

Try activating the OLED mode on this app. Should give you a battery life of over 12 hours after battery low:

The app link on the playstore is

This is a homescreen replacement that has an Ultra Power Saving Mode for your phone to help you extend battery life when you are running out of charge. This launcher allows up-to 4 apps on the home-screen.

What this app does:
1. Kills all running apps and services.
2. Disables WiFi, Data.
3. Shows Missed Calls and Missed Messages.

Ultra Power Saving Mode:
4. OLED Mode for AMOLED devices.
5. Changes governor to Powersave mode. (requires ROOT Access)
6. Disables 2 cores of a Quad core phone. (requires ROOT Access)
7. Reboot during exit. (requires ROOT Access)

When your phone goes below 15% battery, the app shows alert to clear the defaults for your current launcher. After clearing, set SOS Launcher as the default homescreen, and the app would take care of the battery. Once you quit the app, it would clear itself as the default launcher and you can start using your favorite launcher back.

Please post in features that you might like to have on the app. Also, if possible can someone post a review of the app on their blog? Thanks in advance.