Default Bricked Phone? With ROM for daily use?

Hey guys.

I dont know why but my phone doesnt want to work with me. Every ROM except ONLY gin2kitkat works like crap. Everything is bugging,crashing,lagging etc etc. I dont know why the hell is happening with my phone. Or i am doing something wrong?

I am installing new rom like this ;
flash .79 tft
flash kernel
all wipe cache,dalvick,system,data
flash rom
flash patch's for rom - or not if dont have
leave it for 10mins

and it should work. I dont know why for me not. I have R800i. Like UI is crashing,setting at setup wizard is crashing,or performance is crap...

I think i tested every rom from XDA and only gin2kitkat works good but i want to have 4.0.4 android because xposed modules are really good.
What should i try to do? maybe flash older TFT? It has any diffrence?
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