Question MOD PLEASE DELETE incoming ring cuts off

I'll be darn if I can figure out what is going on here.

4.1.2, stock except for custom kernel brick bug prevention.
I've had this rom running since it was released (this is a note international, GBT via amazon, used in the states)
Never had an issue, but I've started to notice a couple missed calls. Today, I saw what was happening.
Incoming calls, the ringer only rings for maybe 1/2 second, phone continues to "ring" but you never hear
anything! It's like it has been silenced as if you quickly pressed a button. That's how it acts without bluetooth.
If I have my bluetooth (jawbone ERA) turned on, SOMETIMES, if the screen is off, it NEVER rings, on the speakerphone
I'm using to dial my Note, I hear it ring 2 times, then go directly to voicemail. Sometimes it does that, sometimes it does
not, otherwise, the phone ringtone plays for a split second, headset continues to ring normally. Screen shows the incoming
call, but no ringtone. I haven't tweaked, installed, updated anything to cause this. Just one day it started doing it.
I'm about to do a clear reset, but it's just a PITA to set it up. Device is going on 18 months old, first issue I've really had
with it other than a bad USB port or a worn battery.

Any clues?

edit: Found the issue...I use call control as a phone number blocker. In settings, I had on for blocked calls, "remove partial ring" turned on. Once that was turned off, everything started working.
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Huawei Ascend Mate2
ROM: 4.3 Jelly Bean
Kernel 3.4.0-g9428221 @pekeaulxd0121 #1
Build number: MT2-L03V100R001C00B126