Default Rogers HTC One Brick After Sense 6.0 Update

Hey guys,

Trying to figure out how to unbrick it before just calling the Carrier to sort things out there. Long story short, updated to 6.0 (stock firmware) and was working fine. But once I restarted the phone later in the day, it just got stuck on the boot screen. Really sucked...

Tried factory reset in the bootloader, no luck. Also tried to use the RUU for the latest firmware available currently, but for obvious reasons it doesn't work.

Therefore at the very least if someone could point towards the RUU version 5.11.631.8 Rogers, that would be a good start.

Free to any suggestions too! Used to flash roms and stuff when I had the Xperia X10 and the HTC Incredible so just need a brushing up on this stuff.

Also BTW, the Hboot is 1.57 but its also S-ON (never bothered to unlock it)
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