Default LTE: Snapdragon can work with every Band doesn't matter Model/Zone - tested

Few days ago i ask help for enable LTE on a G900L (korean) specific baseband in my zone Europe (italy)

Someone answer about an hardware frequency limit for specific geographic zone.

Well as i suppose every qualcomm snapdragon chip mount the same LTE modem and can connect to every LTE band if unlocked.

So that there is just a software limitation not hardware.

I did right after a lot of try i found a way for make my phone G900L able to connect on italian LTE frequency. This also mean every model with a qualcomm snapdragon are able to connect on LTE in every zone

Attach some screenshot of my device as proof: last one (debug menu LTE) show witch band im using (band 3 1800 Mhz italy) instead of band 5 (850 Mhz) and band 1 (2100 Mhz LG U+ provider)