Default [Q] Vibration and keyboard/sms questions

One thing that's a love/hate thing for me with this phone is the vibration. It's super loud and powerful. At first I loved it, but at work, it's actually a little obnoxious. Every time I get a text you can hear it from the other side of the room. I know with some phones there's options for pattern and intensity.. haven't seemed to find this. Anyone have an idea? I know I could also turn off vibrate notifications and just put the ring volume lower, but that can be just as distracting. And then I have to change it back to vibration on when I leave work.

Also one of my big issues is with the keyboard disappearing after every text I send. I'm using the stock Sense keyboard. I'm unsure if this is controlled by the keyboard itself or the messaging app. Normally this phone is super speedy, but every text I send, the keyboard disappears, and then it requires about 3 seconds before I can load it back up again if I'm sending back to back texts. I've seen this option in other messaging apps to hide/keep the board after sent message. Anyone see this functionality anywhere?

I've got everything stock, btw.