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I've received a few reports from users about poor performance of app running on Samsung Galaxy S4, the models w/ Snapdragon chips. Strangely enough, it runs perfectly smooth on Nexus4 w/ similar chip - Snapdragon 4. After googling for possible performance bottlenecks I've found some clues that this can be related to OpenGL drivers.

Could you please download app and tell:
1. If animation of live wallpaper itself is smooth.
2. If animation of launcher UI is smooth.
3. Firmware details.

You can check performance with postprocessing set to Medium and Off - this can be changed in live wallpaper's settings.

Google Play link (app is free):
Devices: HTC Desire S (stock 4.0.4), Motorola Milestone (2.3 CyanogenMod), ASUS TF101 Transformer (stock 4.0.3 rooted), Nexuses 4/7/10 (stock).