Question [Q] Gear 2 Messages GoSMS Kit Kat

When I upgraded to Kit Kat recently I noticed that you can now set the default text messaging app.

This presents a problem with my Gear 2 as I've noticed that when I set GoSMS as the default app, then I no longer get the Messages notifications on my Gear that I can reply to using the pre-defined macros. This is one of the things I like the most about my Gear 2.

I tried using GoSMS while the default app is active but it's extremely annoying asking me to set GoSMS as the default messaging after like every click so I started using the normal Messages client so I can still see the GoSMS popups.

Here's the problem, for some reason messages I was sending with the stock Messaging client were not sending, it was spinning forever. Then when I froze GoSMS in Titanium Backup all the messages that were spinning suddenly went out (like 6 of them to different peeps)

Does anyone know a way to make it work like it did in JB where I can use GoSMS for messages but still get the Messages notifications on my Gear 2 watch?

The only option I have for GoSMS notifications on the watch is to view them on the device. It won't even let me read them. I really liked the ability to text people "on my way" from my watch. Or simple yes, no, working on it, etc. Really convenient.

Thanks for the help guys.