Default [Q] Help me find a good Browser!

I wish I could get Safari onto Android because when I was on iPhone, it was so easy to use.

I can't find a browser that has these features and it's annoying.

- Swipe back and forth to go back or forward a page (not tab) - This feature is available on iPhone Safari

- URL shows the actual url not the Title of the website. (UC Browser / Baidu)

- No FONT Boosting - I can't read Reddit without hurting my eyes. (Chrome)

- No search bar - Why do I need both a URL and a search bar when the URL can do both.. (I'm looking at you UC Browser)

- AdBlock

- No TABS - I need my space and tabs take up too much space. I just want a URL bar with a refresh button

If anyone knows a browser with those features, please do tell. Or someway to get Safari onto Android?