I just rooted my Gionee Pioneer P1 successfully by using a software called Vroot. I have a "Vroot" app on my phone instead of "super user" . The problem is Vroot app is in chinese, so can I use another "super user" app (from my Xperia mini) instead of this "Vroot" app to give permissions?
> Also how can I install CWM on my Gionee Pioneer p1?
> Is there is any ICS Cinogen mode(?) for this phone?
> Can someone suggest a good home.apk for this phone?

[[[[[[ To root Gionee Pioneer P1 ]]]]]]
> Download Vroot (both English and Chinese versions available from their site) software for your pc.
> Install Vroot on your PC.
> Open it as admin.
> Follow the instructions.
> ^^