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Basically I'm going to be out of the country in 2 weeks time and did not want to update in case something got borked and I'd be without certain stuff while away. Essentially I've got the viper audio mod on a stock 4.3 rom which is now "unrooted" so certain other apps can work properly. Viper still works fine on this unrooted phone though.

In relation to Kit Kat I have a few questions so I know whether it's worth me upgrading now.

Can I downgrade back to 4.3 on a knox voided boot-loader phone?

Does the stock camera or the new google camera app allow you to save to the SD?

Does viper4android work on it?

With this SD business, can I still download stuff onto it and/or copy stuff from a usb stick connected to my phone onto the SD?

That's it for now
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