Default Stuck in Fastboot, did I brick my phone?

Greetings all. I was trying to RSD to get ready for the kit kat when everything went south. I was unlock, and rooted.
Here is what I get now.

"AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S)
10.98(*) (sha-with a bunch of numbers)
eMMC info:size 8GB

Device is locked, status code:0

Battery OK
Connect USB
Data Cable

downgrade security version
update gpt_main version failed
Faled to hab check for gpt_backup:0x35
failed to load GPT
CID Read Failure
Invalid CID Status 0x69"

I am neither novice or expert, I spent the whole night trying to fix this, but now of the antidotes I found seem to do anything for this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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