Default Help planning accessories(screen protector/camera)

Hey guys,

So after quite sometime deciding between the OnePlus One and the HTC One M8, I've decided on the M8 due to premium feel, size, and the expandable storage. I've browsed the forum for quite sometime and I know for sure/definitely I will be getting the Case-mate Tough. I need some extra help with the screen protector. I've seen many different opinions on what to get and though the Nilkin Screen/Camera Protector seemed great. I need some reassurance whether or not to get this. I've seen multiple posts in which people's cameras have been broken/shattered and this worries me since I really want to use both cameras a lot. If anyone could help me out that'd be great, thanks!

Also if you want, feel free to recommend me a better glass or tempered glass screen protector(as well as something for the camera)