Default [ROM][8.4/10.1/12.2 WiFi/LTE][TOUCHWIZ] ***ProPlus V1*** [4.4.2][NB7][5/15/14]

Well here it is ladies & gentlemen...i would like to present to u the first rom i've ever made! Just to be clear i am NOT a dev by any means...just another enthusiastic user looking to make a few improvements to his device so i & others may enjoy it more. I guess i should start out by saying that i created this rom for personal use simply so i wouldnt have to individually reapply every mod after a fresh firmware main motivation in doing so is to add back functions that samsung saw fit to remove from our tab (quadview) or only add to specific variants (users). So, while i will be open to suggestions to make this a better rom, i'm not actually interested in making it "pretty" with cosmetic changes since my first focus will be function over form...however anyone with expertise in theming is more than welcome to create flashable packages if u would like to. The only thing that has been removed is knox but i'm sure u can find a list of apks that are safe to eliminate elsewhere on xda (u can delete the files directly from the zip or uninstall after u flash)...with this being the first version of my first rom EVER please dont expect anything too fancy so for now just consider this a "stock plus stuff" WIP & with that beiing said i will now release for the rest of my fellow tab pro owners ProPlus V1!

ROM FEATURES! (see screenshots in second post)
  1. Rooted
  2. Deodexed
  3. BusyBox
  4. Init.d
  5. No Knox (this is the only thing that has been removed...anything else will need to be deleted from the zip or uninstalled after flash)
  6. QuadView (4-way multiwindow found in 12.2 note pro....thx @xperiacle)
  7. Lock Screen Cards (google now like cards on lockscreen...found in "settings-device-lockscreen")
  8. Screen Mirrror w/ custom recovery/kernel (stock will NOT work with TWRP/CWM installed...thx @esgie for modded file)
  9. Assistive Light Widget (adds led flashlight which can ONLY be added from widget drawer...does NOT show in launcher widget list)
  10. Multi User (already present in wifi version but mysteriously missing from the LTE variant...found in "settings-general-users")
  11. SDfix (apps can now write to external need for playstore fix)

  1. Root (may be optional...listed just to be safe)
  2. Flash custom recovery
  3. Copy rom to device
  4. Boot into recovery, install, & wipe both caches
  5. Download Supersu from playstore & update "su" binay (choose "normal" method when asked...this step MAY be optional)

ATTN: If any 8.4 WIFI (SM-T320) or 10.1 & 12.2 users would like to try this rom i'm uploading dedicated versions for each variant but please test & report back...although wifi owners will still have the unnecessary telephony apps to remove as well as a possible useless data signal icon in your status bar.

^8.4 LTE SM-T325
^8.4 WiFi SM-T320 (u will need to download the full T325 rom above then replace the files in the zip with the ones from this package)
^10.1 LTE SM-T525 (test)
^10.1 WiFi SM-T520 (test)]
^12.2 LTE SM-T905 (test)
^12.2 WiFi SM-T900 (test)
^STOCK NB7 FIRMWARE (just in case something goes wrong flash this with odin...this is for 8.4 LTE SM-T325 ONLY!)
^STOCK ND1 FIRMWARE (just in case something goes wrong flash this with odin...this is for 10.1 WiFi SM-T520 ONLY!)