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Cool, thanks

I also wanted to point out that for me the odex version got me stuck on the VZW bootanimation, however I am sure it is because I am still on the 1.12.605.11 version of the stock ROM. All I've done so far is root, S-OFF, and flashed the latest radio and the 'stop OTA nag' file.

Used TWRP to flash.
Yeah, you are running an older version so... That will boot loop. Part of this mod is changes to android.policy.jar. Needless to say that is a mega important file and if it is not signed with the correct ROM version (or someone hacks it to disable it) then you will have a non booting phone.

I think that may have been part of this issue with the second part of his hack.

I may look again though, just because... Who likes to quit?