Unhappy [Q] Need help... Flashed CM 11 to Galaxy s4.. Problems!!

Model: Galaxy S4 SCH-R970UK
Carrier: US Cellular
Problem: Cannot activate phone. No LTE/MMS

So I flashed the CM 11 Nightly Rom to my S4. It went well, The bootloader didn't put the brakes on me. It booted and I was loving the rom, I begin the *228 activation process and it doesn't go through successfully. I rebooted and removed the battery hoping it would remedy the situation.


After many, MANY failed attempts, conversations with US Cellular Technical Support, A visit to the store.. I decided to factory reset and flash the stock firmware to the device. Did all that.. Still no activation.

I need help please, If anyone can give me a heads up where to go from here.

Currently looking at a different version (same model) of the Stock Firmware. Not sure if I should trust the source though.

Side question, Is Terafile.co, More specifically Samsung-updates.com ...?