Question [Q] I Broked LG Optimus L5 II with uninstalling busybox??!!

Phone: LG Optimus L5 II (E460)


I have a big problem. I have rooted my phone with VRoot tool. Then, i wanted to install some "hacking" apps like dSploit, Wifi kill, ROM Manager, etc. I installed the BusyBox. But a realised the normal install is not enough. So, was thinking a should install more applets which a thought they are needed for those apps (killall - dSlpoit). I decided to first uninstall BusyBox from my phone and then install it with advanced install. So i tried to uninstall it with BusyBox Pro. It thought that it partially succeed, but there were some errors. When i closed the app and tried to install it with normall BusyBox installer. It force closed. In BusyBox Pro, it said that i don't have rroted phone. But i rooted it!!! AND THEN, i checked the root access with Root Checker Basic. And it said, you dont have root access!!!! But, before the uninstall it said, you have root access! And then i figured out, that i can't conect too any wifi and the phone is VERY slow. I don't know what happened and i tried wiping all data on phone, but it's now the same and i can't install any apps from playstore. Please help, i nearly can't to anything whitout wifi!
I hope you know the answer...

btw,i tried to root it again with VRoot, but it didn't worked.

sorry for my bad english