Default Who's using a Custom DPI?

The default DPI of the Note 3 is an abomination. I feel like I'm looking at my parents' computer with the resolution set to 800x600, with the font and icon sizes set to max.

I routinely set my DPI to 320 (down from 480, which doesn't make sense to me) using ROM Toolbox Pro... I then use the xposed module App Settings to tweak individual apps up or down as needed. Some apps don't look or perform correctly at the tighter 320 DPI... some look or perform better at an even tighter DPI. SOME even have more features reserved only for the tablet UI.

So... who's also doing this? What DPI do you set the system to, and what apps/settings do you tweak?

I wanted to start this poll because I recently installed a custom ROM after several months of being on a custom DPI, and remembered how bad the default DPI is. I got curious if the devs could be persuaded to tweak the DPI in their ROMs, and a poll was born.

Thank you for participating.