Default D805 No baseband, no IMEI, phone reboots.

Lg g2 D805 - Root and TWPR functional.

I'll try to be as quick as possible.

I have spent around 15 hours trying to fix this, this is the problem:

-There's no IMEI (I did a backup, but I lost it because it was in my phone internal memory and the flash tools wipe everything)
-There's no Baseband
-I'm not sure if it is due to that, but my phone keeps rebooting itself with a toast message on the bottom of the screen "Error"

This happened after flashing Mahdi rom. Everything was fine except the autorotation, right after that I stupidly restore the EFS backup that FreeGee Free created in case anything wrong happened. I am not sure if this caused all this mess, but after that all this nightmare started.

Madhi rom would not boot up again, so I flash my stock rom backup and oh surprise! The phone was screwed up.

I have flash stock firmware many times, following some tutorials. They work well, usb drivers are good, everything is good, but the phone remains with the same issue, keeps rebooting, without IMEI and basebands.

I bought this phone yesterday, I had been waiting for it for a long time . If any of you guys can give me some ideas I would really appreciate it.