Unhappy [Q] S820 not charging nor connect to PC after switch to MIUI

I got my s820 not charging nor connecting to PC after i flash to MIUI rom.
Previously i have VIBE UI 1.5 as my ROM.
Then I downloaded MIUI_S820_4.3.21_757d0a5a1f_4.2.zip and flashed it via TWRP. The flashing process was successful. But when i try to connect to PC, it won't connecting anymore. When the battery getting low, i put my chrger on, and it won't charging as well.
I try to change my ROM back to my previous ROM nor trying to change to LEWA but still no luck.
Last night i try to flash STOCK_CN ROM. At first, yes it's not connected even after i take off the battery. It still won't connect.
I try to put my battery on and then let the SP_Flashtool finish the purple progress bar on PC. Then, while holding down "power" & "volume +" button, i connected it to USB port. At the middle of The flashing process i let go off my hand from the button and the flashing process still continue.
Yeah the STOCK_CN ROM installed successfully, but still no luck.. it still not charging nor connecting to PC even after switch back to STOCK_CN ROM.
Please help.