Unhappy [Q] HTC One X violently died but I think I might've resurrected it?

Please look into this guys;

Last night, I charged my HOX from 18%-28%, used it for a few minutes and then turned it off (it was still at 28%). I then plugged it into the HTC "black box" usb charger (I've been using the same one since I got the phone like six months ago) but turned on charging after 2 hours - and left it charging for like 6 hours.

EDIT: My brother actually switched on charging two hours after I switched the phone off. [IT WAS TURNED OFF FOR 2 HOURS]

In the morning, the red LED wasn't on, so I disconnected it and tried turning it on - it didn't work.
I tried holding all three buttons for minutes and all of that, but it still didn't work.

I googled the issue and went through a bunch of threads where the exact same thing happened, and most people said the battery either died permanently or something similar. This one person said he fixed his HOX by using a different charger, apparently the chargers themselves can die.

I plugged my HOX into my mom's Samsung charger, and booted it into bootloader, and selected RECOVERY. After a few minutes and to my orgasmic relief, my phone turned on.

I'm still confused as to what happened.

1) Is there something terribly wrong with my phone's battery now? (When it turned on it was at 1%, whereas I turned it off 6 hours prior at 28%)
2) My HTC black box charger is obviously not to be used now, right?
3) Is there any problem with using a samsung charger on my HOX from now on? Or should I search for another HTC Black Box Charger?

I'll leave it on charge until it reaches around 60-70% and test it out, and let you know if it's fine. But until then, could you please try answering my questions?


On a side note:
I recently had my HOX repaired at the UK service center under warranty. The phone actually had a bunch of issues; yellow spots on the screen, the ruined wifi antennae thing.. Well, they replaced the screen and display, and replaced the Wifi wiring. When I got it back, it turned out that they forgot to remove a plastic cover from the in-call speaker. Thus I cannot use the phone for phone calls outside of extremely quiet places, unless I use earphones with a mic. I let HTC know this, and they said, "Oh, no problem, just send it back to center"

I reside outside of the UK. I had to send it there with my own money and bring it back with my own money. So now I have to choose between spending another $90 or being able to use my phone for phone calls.

Thanks again, whoever bothers to read this and helps me