Question [Q] [Help] HTC One Mini International Version

I can't find anything really for the international HTC One mini. I wiped it on accident because of an outdated recovery and new partitions. I'm having a problem with adb and I don't have an OS to boot too.

I was going to use a stock recovery, but I can't find one.
I don't see any RUU for an international one, even a stock one, except for an ATT version.
I've tried updating my fastboot and adb, i downloaded the whole sdk and updated it with no luck.
I downloaded HTC sync hoping to get some extra drivers, but still no luck.
I've used 3 different twrp recoveries, including the ones with the new layout and still no luck.
Can someone please help? The One Mini forum is super dead and I can't post in the development forums for help since I'm new.

I'm not new to rooting, I've rooted 2 HTC Ones, an HTC Evo, and before it messed up, I had unlocked, and rooted the Mini.
I don't know what to do man, I really need this phone to work haha.