Default [Q] SCH-I800 What Can I do.. Please HELP me

Hello my Friends.. I received a SGT7 SCH-I800 with GB 2.3.5 GB3 that Every boot Says ;''Your System UID is inconsistent You should wipe your data....'' and Everything FC so the Device is unusable.. Well I did wipe everything but It keeps the same problem, I went back to stock 2.3.4 via Heimdall and Still the same (No repartition cause I can't find the Pit file) So I flashed CWM to Wipe system, data, all and still same problem.. Flashed CM 9.1 Stable and came out with Encryption Failed Wipe your system.. Flashed CM 10 and It doesn't even Boot up.

Don't know what to do PLEASE help me

Everything will be appreciate.