Default [Q][HELP]Why am I recieving each message many times on Hyperion 9?

I have flashed Hyperion 9 Rev 3 on DDLK2 firmware with DDLK1 Baseband. The kernel which I'm currently using is Hells Fusion #50. I have restored the data from Rev 1, which I was first using, flashed RIL Fix from Hyperion 8 and odexed it. I have NOT flashed any tweaks/mods etc.

The problem I am facing is that I recieve each message many times (about 6-7 times). I do a lot of texting so it causes a lot of annoyance. I need help because I'm not a dev like you all.

Hope this info is enough for you all to help me. Would be very glad to get help from you all. Thanks.
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My Phone: Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360
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