Talking Verizon HTC One CM11 APN Settings

Alright, here's my story, after switching from Sense to CM11 when I first got my HTC One a few months ago things were working alright, then at some point I lost the ability to send or receive mms messages. I looked online and found that there were a few people with the same problem, most said the problem had to do with the apn settings, the solution to was either modified apn settings or using an alternate messaging program, such as 8sms.

Anyways, I tried several different apn setups to try and get my mms back, my LTE internet worked, but no mms. Eventually I found a setup that allowed me to send a mms to someone, but not receive one. I figured that was a good as I was going to get it.

After a few OTA nightly updates I decided to tinker with the apn settings again; my hope being that one of the new nightlies would have fixed the problem if I restored my apn settings to default. This didn't help and cost me the ability to even send mms. Needless to say I scoured the web to find usable apn settings again (I prefer to use the stock messaging app), eventually I ended up Frankensteining several together and found a solution that allowed for me to send and receive mms, as well as my LTE internet!

Found APN settings that enable sending and receiving mms, as well as LTE internet (with a lte subscription, it's not a hack or anything).

Android Version - 4.4.2
CM Version - 11-20140430-NIGHTLY-m7vzw

See attached picture for settings...
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