Default MJ5 bootloader flash problems

Hi guys!

I hope that I chose the right forum to ask my question: I installed this rom onto my Note 2 LTE N7105, but now I don't have wifi (as the text in the rom description says). Before I flashed the rom, I had installed Devils Rom (deodexed and deknoxed 4.3 stock) with the devils kernel (based on MK5). I thought that the bootloader will be kept, because I already installed a wifi hotfix for that bootloader.

Now I have the new 4.4 rom installed, it works fine - except for wifi. If I got this right (if not, correct me) - flashing the MJ5 bootloader will solve the problem and I won't have KNOX triggered (now I have a "MA5" bootloader). So I tried to flash the MJ5 bootloader with ODIN 3.09 but it keeps failing. The drivers are installed, I can access the download menu. My pc recognizes the phone as COM5, but when I load the bootloader and click on flash, almost instantly a red FAIL appears in the first block. The output says "writing NAND..." and then "FAILED".

Now I am a bit confused - does the MJ5 bootloader work with the Note 2 LTE or only the non- LTE version? Are there any other ways to get wifi to work? If there's now way around, I am willing to trigger my knox.

Thanks in advance, I hope you can help a very confused user