Default RAVpower RP-PB08 3000 mAh battery, never worry about running out of juice!

My father in law had a massive stroke and we had to travel to Miami and spend weeks in the hospital. (he is ok now and recovery more and more everyday) I was so blessed that I picked up a RAVPower brick before I left. This thing was awesome, even though I had to travel all around if I needed any extra juice for my phone, tablet or wife's phone I just plugged it in and kept going. This thing last a while and more than doubled my battery life. On top of being a wonderful power backup it has a bright flash light on it. The materials are made out of metal so it feels secure. This thing is worth a lot more than it costs. It doesn't hurt to pick one up to have on stand by. I can't recommend it enough!

You can pick one up here

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