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I've been on the knox bootloader since it was released..... never had an issue with root, my wifi, keeping stable signals.....nada... Knox isnt causing all these issues people are having I assure you. If anything, id say trying to keep a 4.1 bootloader is what causes more issues in the end

I only state this because so many people are spreading misinformation around. Knox bootloader isnt all that bad.

People just worry too much about warranty issues. I've never heard of samsung denying an obvious hardware issue even with knox tripped. Heck ive sent in 2 or 3 other samsung phones for hardware issues in the past with their warranty counters tripped.

If you arent careful and actually brick your device, I wouldn't expect them to honor their warranty anyway as it wasn't the phone failing.

Before flashing anything, always read read and read again to make sure you know what you are doing. If you arent comfortable rooting, flashing, etc.....simply dont try it or give the phone to someone who does.

Ok enough with my rant.

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Thanks for the insight.

Didn't mention the bootloader at all. It's good that you found a venue for your opinion though.

I feel differently about the subject, but we have the right to value what we wish. I could care less about warranty, I value keeping options open until other needs necessitate closing them. There is no need in my life to destroy the utility that knox might allow for if I need it for work purposes. I see no downside to keeping the old bootloader at this point. YMMV.

I was more referring to an updater script not wiping system and missing Knox (due to dirty flashing). Could happen. Flash a ROM that has Knox enabled and try to root it. Knox loves to dump root. The average guy is going to struggle with it unless they read up and use others work and experience.

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