Unhappy How do I enable custom bootanimation support?

Does anyone have any idea how to enable custom bootanimations on the Find 7a? I know that when I was still using my Nexus 4 and GS3, I had to download a patch to enable custom bootanimations to work, but I haven't found a way to enable it on the Find 7a yet. I've already replaced the original bootanimation in system/media and I even placed a custom bootanimation in data/local, but no matter what I do it keeps booting the stock bootanimation. How is that even possible, I already replaced the original bootanimation, just how in the world is it still able to boot the stock -_-... I mean normally, even if custom boot animations are not supported it should show at least a balck screen at boot up since I deleted the original bootanimation. Need some help here guys. I am fully rooted, SuperSU, busybox installed, etc.