Default Phone not charging, Shuts off when plugged in, various other issues.

I am on stock everything except for recovery, I would like to bring my phone into Verizon to get it replaced because of my myriad of issues, but I am unable to install stock recovery. These are my issues:
1.) Phone is not charging, I have tried the original charger + cable, and at least 5 others, nothing is working. I can boot the phone and use it but its stuck at 0% (sometimes it goes up to 2% but never higher)

2.)Whenever I plug the phone into a power source or to the PC it shuts off and restarts

3.) I cannot get into download mode to install the drivers, I hold VOLUP and then plug in the cable, and it says download mode, but then it shuts off again and gets stuck in a bootloop until i unplug the phone, and then power it up without the cable in it. Which is an issue considering the battery never goes above 2%

4.) Phone is in near-perfect condition, minimal cosmetic damage and no scratches on the screen. So it cant be accidental damage.

anyone have any suggestions? I would just take it into verizon but i have TWRP recovery, and im afraid they will charge me if they find out.