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I did get my laptop to recognize the N7.
I got a new LCD flex cable and still nothing.
I put the new S/D into my working N7 and all I get is a screen that is half black on left side and half on right side looks like the backlight is on and nothing else. So is the S/D defective?
Sounds like the screen/digitizer is defective. Return it for a refund or exchange.

Google Nexus 4 16 GB (E960 R11 304K)
Slim ROM 4.4.4 5.10 (KTU84P)
Slim Kernel 3.6 (3.4.92)

ASUS Nexus 7 16 GB 1st Gen
Slim ROM 4.4.4 5.10 (KTU84P)
M-Kernel a69 F2FS (3.1.10)