Default HTC Sync Manager and CyanogenMod issues

First off, I know that I need Sense for my HTC One to be compatible with HTC Sync Manager. That's not the issue. The issue is that I backed everything up with HTC Sync and now there is no way to get all that stuff back onto my HTC One without having Sense. Furthermore, I had to reinstall HTC Sync Manager several times to get it to work and in the process it had erased my back up and I tried doing a system restore, but the drive that my back up was on was set to not save restore points. I downloaded a recovery program and was able to recover 80-90% of the files. The issue is that I still have no way, to my understanding, of putting them back on my phone or even opening them as they are all encrypted. Or whatever it is that HTC Sync Manager does to files when it backs them up. So you can see the predicament I'm in and it's not a favorable one.

Lastly, I'm beginning to regret doing this and it's making me feel terrible.

Please, if anyone can help I would be so relieved.