Default [Q] CM11 bugs and solutions


yesterday I installed the last nightly snapshot of CM11 on my LG G2 but I noticed the following problems. I hope you could suggest me a solution for them.
  • During a call, the proximity sensor detect my face and turn off the screen. But when I finish the call or simply when I move the phone away from the ear, the screen remain OFF and I need to double tap to wake it up. I don't think this is an expected behavior.
  • When I receive an email or SMS/Hangouts, the notification sound looks to be fragmented. The sound starts, then interrupts for some milliseconds and then start again. This is annoying.
  • No radio nor IR in the ROM. I know, I'm on AOSP kernel, but I really guess that a custom rom for a specific device have to carry on ALL hardware features itself, without to flash or to modify further.

Apart this, CM11 is a GREAT rom.
Can you help me to solve my problems with CM11?