Unhappy [Q] Phone won't stay connected to PC

Hy everyone! I seriously need your help.

Since 5 days my HTC ONE reacts strangely when I connect it to my computer. I can't connect my phone to my Pioneer Appradio 3 as well.

In fact when a plug it to my computer, it connects normally for 1/2sec and then disconnects. Then reconnects, disconnects, etc... It's the same in recovery mod and safe mode. The phone keep charging normally when I use the HTC charger. And the phone is recognized on fastboot.

I got a video of the problem if it's needed.

I am actually using the last VENOM ROM ViperOne 6.2.1. I tried to downgrade it, to change rom, to make a factory reset, but nothing changed.
My phone is actually rooted, unlocked, and S-off. I tried to connect it with different kind of cable, but it's always the same issue.

Did someone already have this kind of problem? Is there any solution?

Thank you for your help !