Default [Q] tab3/p5210 suddenly stopped charging/booting


I have an 8 month old tab3/p5210. I switched-off the tab3 one night, connected it to the charger,
nothing happened. I let it rest for a night, next morning: nothing.
he only thing wat works = boot in download-mode, but when I connect it to the computer in download-mode,
start odin, or connect to computer, start odin and start download-mode: nothing, no connection.

Any ideas? I thought it was the charger-connector (it was cluncky from the beginning) so I replaced that cable
internally but still the same story ...
S4 I9505 - 8 Gb
SGT 10.1 P7510/wifi - 32Gb - CM10-nightly, July 25, 2013 + A1-kernel 1.9 @ 1.5Ghz